Acupuncture Ecology


Qigong (or chi kung) is a generic term for the use and manipulation of vital energy (“qi”) to create a specific outcome. Traditionally, it has been associated with one of three aims: spiritual practice, martial arts, and medicine. At Acupuncture Ecology, we focus on medical qigong.

Qigong can be performed in two different ways.

First, it can be practiced by oneself as a therapeutic exercise, involving the coordination of form, breath, and mental focus, to regulate and enhance the flow of qi throughout the body. This can have dramatic effects on general health.

Second, it can be performed on you by an experienced practitioner, using various methods to tonify, circulate, and eliminate toxins from your organs and tissues.

In China, qigong is known as the medicine of last resort (that is, for conditions considered incurable—not emergency situations), because of its ability to have powerful systemic effects in resolving deep-rooted, complicated conditions. Acupuncture Ecology is committed to bringing you the highest quality of qigong, and therefore the most advanced medicine of last resort.

Currently the applied use of qigong at Acupuncture Ecology is available on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the practitioner.