Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the ancient equivalent of modern pharmaceuticals, but in herbal medicine there is a biochemical balance that is usually not to be found in the Western process that separates “active ingredients” from the passive substances that make the herb a whole entity. As a consequence, in Western drugs there are always side effects, whereas this is much less than in herbal formulas. Additionally, Chinese medicine has enjoyed thousands of years of experimentation with what combinations of herbs work best for which conditions.

Chinese herbs are classically administered as raw herbs that the patient must cook. In modern times herbs are also prescribed in granular or liquid forms.

I prefer the use of raw, dried, “bulk” herbs. This does require you to cook the herbs yourself, but it is significantly more powerful and reliable than other forms. Granules and fluid extracts are also available, and can be faster and more convenient.

Standardized formulas may be prescribed, but I prefer to give customized herbal formulas that are tailored to your exact condition and concerns.

Of course, herbal medicine is based on right diagnosis, which is the first step of any good medical treatment.

Finally, I also carry a limited range of topical formulas for uses such as skin conditions and traumatic injury.

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