Comprehensive Diagnosis

The first visit is an initial intake that involves a comprehensive diagnosis. This is a systemic approach to medical problems, even for symptoms that seem to be relatively simple.

The intake takes about about 1 hour (in complex cases, it can be up to 1.5 hours), and includes an extensive interview, not only of the main medical complaints but also of other physiological functions throughout the entire system.

Then, a physical examination will be done using a number of diagnostic methods, including any of the following:

Pulse diagnosis

Tongue diagnosis

Abdominal diagnosis

Palpation and observation

(For more on these methods, please refer to the article, Four Pillars of Diagnosis.)

 A diagnosis often cannot be arrived at immediately, especially in complicated cases. After the information is gathered, it must be sifted through and considered thoroughly. I consider my role as similar to a detective putting the pieces of a case together. Subtle distinctions can be important.

After this intake, usually you will receive an acupuncture treatment, if time allows, and/or an herbal formula, depending on what is most appropriate for your condition and what your preferences are.  I also aim to give you a solid understanding of your own condition, so that you have a clear sense of how you got to where you are, and how to get where you want to go—healthy and thriving.


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