Acupuncture Ecology

Welcome to Acupuncture Ecology in Corvallis, Oregon, a holistic health clinic specializing in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle consultation, and other healing modalities.

Services cover a broad spectrum of outpatient care, from acute conditions such as cold and flu, infections, pain, and traumatic conditions, to chronic diseases such as gastrointestinal issues, diabetes, and autoimmune conditions.

Acupuncture Ecology seeks to treat underlying conditions, not just symptoms, by embodying an approach that looks deeply into the roots of your being, to fully understand your illness and your health.

An ecological approach sees health as founded in a web of relationships, within your body and with your environment. Only by thoroughly considering these relationships can a truly powerful and permanent healing come about.

Treatment begins with an extensive diagnostic interview, including in-depth examination using Chinese pulse diagnosis.

You’ll get counseling and education for your own self-healing; you’ll get the tools and the comprehension you need to survive and thrive well beyond the resolution of your illness.

Acupuncture Ecology was founded on the principle that half of the solution is knowing the problem. Thus, treatment is based on thorough understanding. A clear and deep perception of your ecological relationships leads to effective treatment and long-lasting results, and to self-understanding, self-empowerment, and true self-healing. This is the best and most permanent way to help you thrive in whatever way best suits your needs and your life purpose.

Acupuncture is not just about needles. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, at the highest levels, are about reestablishing a harmonious relationship within yourself, and with your environment.

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