Acupuncture Ecology offers the
following services
Adjunctive Therapies and Bodywork, including Gua sha, a method of scraping the skin using a blunt-edged tool to improve circulation Cupping, a method of applying suction to the skin, inducing temporary localized stagnation which then improves circulationLifestyle Counseling
Dietary Therapy Learn more about what to expect at your intake and treatment.

What to Expect

At the initial intake, a comprehensive diagnosis will be conducted, including a detailed interview of your health problems and a physical examination which includes an in-depth examination of the pulses at both wrists.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

The first visit is an initial intake that involves a comprehensive diagnosis. This is a systemic approach to medical problems, even for symptoms that seem to be relatively simple.


Acupuncture is, technically speaking, the insertion of hair-thin needles that are filiform (that is, not hollow, so they aren’t designed to draw blood) into various points on the body to effect a positive therapeutic outcome.


Herbal medicine is the ancient equivalent of modern pharmaceuticals, but in herbal medicine there is a biochemical balance that is usually not to be found in the Western process that separates “active ingredients” from the passive substances that make the herb a whole entity.
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