What to Expect

Your First Appointment

At the initial intake, a comprehensive diagnosis will be conducted, including a detailed interview of your health problems and a physical examination which includes an in-depth examination of the pulses at both wrists. After the intake process is complete, you’ll be given a treatment if time permits. (See below.) The entire process of intake and treatment will take about 1.5 hours. At the next session, you’ll be given a verbal report of findings, at which time the cause of your problem will be discussed. It includes a thorough explanation of causes and factors contributing to your health concerns, as well as treatment recommendations, including herbal medicine, and what results may be obtained. An estimate of the future care that is needed will be given and, upon your acceptance, you will be treated until you are well or have reached the maximum correction that can be obtained with our services.

Your Treatment

Treatment is usually conducted while lying down on a massage table, but may be done in a seated position. Treatment is performed using acupuncture, acupressure, qigong, moxa, and bodywork techniques. A typical treatment session will involve the insertion of a few to several needles, depending on the condition. The length of needle retention will vary from person to person, and may range from seconds or minutes up to an hour. Most of the time, clothing need not be removed, although it may be required to unbutton, move, or roll up clothing, depending on the part of the body being accessed. If you feel uncomfortable in any position, or have some problem with treatment methods applied to a particular area of your body, we will be sensitive to your needs. If you are needle-sensitive or have had an unpleasant previous experience with needles or another acupuncturist, please let us know. Whatever your needs, please communicate them to us directly! Every effort is made to ensure your comfort with and understanding of the treatment methods being used.
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