When Exercise is Too Much of a Good Thing

By Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times Recently, researchers in Britain set out to study the heart...
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Turning Wood Into Bone

This is an exciting technological development, unrelated to Chinese medicine but fascinating nonetheless. It’s also...
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The end of antibiotics?

Source: Just 65 years ago, David Livermore’s paternal grandmother died following an operation to remove...
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Saturated Fat Doesn’t Clog Your Arteries?!

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published an article about the link between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease...
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Herbal consultations via telemedicine

Due to the coronavirus situation, I am closed for in-person visits, including any acupuncture treatments...
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Antidepressants Don’t Work?

Source: Huffington Post Here’s some depressing recent medical news: Antidepressants don’t work. What’s even more depressing...
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