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Football and Physical Trauma

December 19, 2009 — Uncategorized

In the lineage of Chinese medicine I follow, the concept of trauma stands out as a significant, and unfortunately pervasive, block to proper treatment and improvement of health. Trauma can impede the flow of energy and circulation of blood on a systemic level, whether this trauma is physical or emotional. Unresolved, this stagnation can accumulate and cause ever-increasing problems.

A recent Sports Illustrated article shows that fitness and excellence in a sport and long-term health are two different things, especially if the sport is one in which physical trauma is embedded. This highlights the importance of resolving trauma and restoring the smooth flow of energy and blood, something that acupuncture and herbal medicine both excel in doing.

Dave Pear has a message for you.

“Don’t let your kids play football,” he says. “Never.”

It is an odd thing, hearing these sort of words from a man like David Louis Pear, University of Washington standout, Pro Bowl defensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders. His five-year NFL career was one thousands of high school and college athletes would envy — charging out of a darkened stadium tunnel, 70,000 fans screaming for you, loving you, praising you, idolizing you.

“You wanna know the truth?” says Pear.

The question lingers — the 56-year-old ex-athlete preparing to unload one more skull-splitting hit.

“I wish I never played football. I wish that more than anything. Every single day, I want to take back those years of my life …”

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